Rescue Journal

i am glad that squirt is happy....

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2009

that he charges around here like an exuberant puppy,

that he likes kisses and cuddles and that he is the cutest dog around.

i like that he wants up on my lap every single morning as i write my early post.

i like that he and suzie and chyna are best friends and they like to goof around.

i like that he hides whenever there are strangers here,

and he has occasional seizures,

and he pees and poops in the house and he still really won't go more than a couple of feet out the front door.

he is a lttle freak out,

and people will not want him.

i do not have to worry that someone will offer him a home,

take him away from here

and i will not have to live in fear,

that they were not right or careful enough with him.

squirt has big issues but squirt is not a dead dog anytime soon.

squirt is my funny little buddy,

but most folks visiting here will never see that side of him.

no one in their right mind will try to steal him away from me

and i don't adopt to crazy folks anyway.

i won't ever have to say good bye to him.

i love you little squirt, i am so glad you like living at saints.

i really like you living here too.



squirt is very sweet and now accepts being picked up. you have come a long way, baby.


Squirt is very glad that you love him so much Carol and that he never has to leave Saints.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole, what a gorgeous day finally. Marie and I will be at SAINTS on Wednesday. As always looking foward to that.