Rescue Journal

reminder re: the pub night april 18th

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2009

at the 14th avenue pub here in mission (on 14th avenue)

tickets are $25 and available at saints (i had the price wrong before) and are now 75% sold out.

a choice of pasta dinners, silent auction, door prizes and i am not sure what else is planned but i bet it is fun.

lucy made it up on my bed tonight..that made both her and i quite happy.

i am not even goofing around with caspar and his insulin anymore...i just put on the muzzle and poke the little bugger and then give him something to eat. he is quite forgiving.

shilo is still not bouncing back...she has until tomorrow night before i made a hard decision.

betsy is also still not eating altho her cold is much improved... and we are not getting enough food in her...she is starting fatty liver failure. i will call the vet tomorrow and see about a feeding tube placement.

mosley is still eating so that is good. hopefully the antibiotics will kick in before he stops eating too.

i wish the URI would quit making the rounds in that felv pen but we still have a few more cats to go until we are done this time around.

everyone please be on high alert with the cats in that pen and make sure ANY concerns regarding them reach me me on my cell...604-339-5144 so i can immediately get them started on monitering and on meds.

AND i really need to talk about infection control here again.

the felv cats are EXTREMELY vulnerable to EVERYTHING...they do not have functioning immune systems.

please do not mix up their bedding, bowls, whatever with the general population. ensure ALL of their dishes are washed separately with HOT water, soap and bleach every single day....this includes their water and dry food bowls. they were contaminated with ringworm by folks going back and forth from the ringworm kittens into the felv pen and i am not even going to start to deal with that outbreak til we have the more life threatening URI under control.

their area needs to be spotless. walls and shelves washed, bedding changed, windows washed, floor bleached...and please DO use bleach in there for cleaning..other "green" cleaning products are just not as effective in eliminating virus's and bacteria's that these guys need to be protected from. i will be hanging scrub jackets in their pen..use them when in there to keep your clothing germ free please.

and above all...wash your hands with the isogel by their door when entering or leaving their pen. keep in mind they are sick right now and some of them are harbouring ringworm...try not to carry it to the other vulnerable animals here and try really hard not to carry any new bugs into them either...they have enough to deal with.

think "infection control,containment and eradication" every single a complete germ works well around here for them.