Rescue Journal while the rest of us are waiting to see the national piece...

Carol  ·  Apr. 10, 2009

i will tell you of three absolutely breathtakingly images at saints today.

percy, the 2 and a half year old, forever big baby cow...laying in front of his "finally feels well enough" to be his new mama... spot . she is grooming him and grooming him and licking his face and his neck and all along his back and he is just there in forever big baby cow heaven...stretching his head out so she can caress him even more than she is.

yay percy! yay spot! we once again have a pair of very best friends.

image two...i come home from work, late this afternoon and all the lttle fuzzy guys run to greet me...freshly groomed. oh my gawd, they looked adorable...cute, sweet with really great haircuts like they aren't even homeless. andy is just the absolutely cutest little guy in the whole wide world.

image three...suzie the tiny landshark thinks andy the little freak, looks pretty darn handsome with his haircut so for the very first time.... she entices him to play. they were bouncing around the dog beds...jumping each other and spinning around...andy has an honest to goodness friend who will goof around with him now!

THAT made my eyes start to leak.

ok 2 hours and 20 minutes to go now.



here is the fourth image of the day:
<img src="" alt="carley" title="carley" />
I was sitting on the back of the couch since there is no room for me on the actual seats, shrek wanted to sit closer to me and the only way to do that was to sit on Carley. Oddly enough she didn't do anything (the 110lb weight of shrek may have impeded her movement).

ps: Shrek has gained 10 pounds!!!
Fiona hasn't lost any...
Carley is still fat.



The image of Andy with an honest-to-goodness friend to bounce around with really makes me smile. What a great moment - thanks for sharing it.


That was awesome, Carol! Great job! The SAINTS all looked saintly (although it seemed Ellie-Mae was determined to have you flat on your butt) and you really didn't come across as a "Crazy Cat Lady" at all. :) It was weird seeing our Gemma as wouldn't recognize her after only a week.
Great piece! I hope the millions of people who watch it are moved to tears like I was.


WOOT! WOOT! Way to go Carol - the piece is great, you came across beautifully, the animals look Saintly and the story-focus was kept through the whole thing. Fantastic exposure for SAINTS. I really hope this hits home for people.


Oh YEAH!!! I can't wait until you see the story. They did a wonderful job - but of course they had you to work with - It couldn't go wrong! Thank you and thank God for people like you.