Rescue Journal

the response has been great

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2009

there were about 50 really kind and supportive emails and $3000 in donations thru the pay pal account..every single donation added up to enough to pay off the barn yard animals vet account (the other vets will have to wait a bit longer)..thank you so much to everyone!!!

my youngest daughter called, she and her boyfriend watched it from my son's and fiancee's house...the concenous was mom did not come acrcoss as crazy and they are proud of what we do....whew. her favorite image was copper popping out of the trees with his daisy on...copper has been with me on and off since she was a young teenager.....(copper was adopted out unsuccessfully 6 times before i made him a permanent sanctuary dog.) she well remembers that dastardly beagle's creativity in escaping our family backyard. she thinks it is pretty funny that i finally actually outsmarted him and made him look freaking adorable at the same time.

anyway...i liked watching the animals and seeing all of their faces on national tv...they all looked so lovely and are not the least bit annoying when veiwing them on the TV instead of under my feet!

the only thing i want to clarify is...there was no way that TG would have euthanized little a public shelter yes the risk would have been there...but not with them, they would have given her the best of care for as long as she has. she only came to saints because it is my specialty, and her coming here made more room for them to help younger dogs who could find a home.

yesterday was the diabetic day from hell....caspar went hypoglycemic, apollo went hyperglycemic and i am not sure what the heck dusty was doing but i held her insulin til noon til she was herself again. only little angel, who really is an angel stayed well within her blood sugar limits.

the gift that samanatha referred to in her comment was a large, beautifully engraved stone for had this perfect heart painted in red, with the name..."Tally ho Braveheart" outlined in black next to it...thank you is truly lovely and a wonderful memorial for him...i still really miss my mr. softy.

this morning is the end for shilo. her euthanization appointment is for 9:15... she held in there like a trooper but i am finally 100% convinced that she is just not going to eat again, she wants to be done with this life. we are going to have to go into the clinic for this, please shilo, don't be afraid.



it's a combo of a regular collar and a plastic ecollar and some cut out plastic foam for the daisy. if there's any more to add, jean can post it.


OMG! The links worked, thank you everyone who posted them. I was able to see the piece, TWICE. My lousy dial up took forever, but I was able to see it. Thanks again, a wonderful report.

How is the daisy made? Is it stiff like an E collar? Very interesting.


God Bless and keep sweet Shilo safe in his arms. Please be at peace Shilo and know you are loved and will be missed.

California doesn't get your least I don't, but I imagined the whole show from your comments. Congrats on your donations and we pray for many,many more!


jean did an amazing job creating the daisy. it has kept copper within the fencing and provided plenty of amusement for all of us watching him waddle around the fields. it is looking a little rough around the edges as he's not very gentle with it but still does the job.


Yes lets give credit where credit is due.
Carol does an amazing job with all the animals at SAINTS. Without her these animals would not have found a happy place. No one can even come close to matching her dedication and commitment. Many seem to think they can, but in reality they are only able to criticize. Jealousy is an ugly thing. So please do give Carol the credit and respect she deserves for the amazing world she has built for the animals.


Quote: "she thinks it is pretty funny that i finally actually outsmarted him and made him look freaking adorable at the same time."

Actually, I was the one who finally outsmarted him and made him look freaking adorable at the same time - the collar was my idea and my creation. Let's give credit where credit is due. And I'm very glad to see he is still wearing it - and it has survived - over two years later.


the dog never too far away from carol is tony. he is in love with carol and has to be wherever she is. the video was great. my fav was percy giving carol a kiss. i hope shilo is now at peace. sorry elaine i did not get your message until i was on my way into vancouver. i will not be out at saints until monday morning.


OMG actually posted on the blog?????
love you right back again...see you tomorrow for easter dinner.


Go peacefully Shilo. Run free and chase the birds with your friends that have already crossed.


The video was wonderful. You were great and so was the interviewer.

Aha, so THAT'S why Copper wears the daisy. I always wondered. He does look too cute with it on!

Who is the black and white dog with the black spots on his chest and front legs? He was never more than a couple of feet away from you. He is so sweet.


I watched the video on cbc at least three times, it was awesonme. You did a great job Carol, not nuts, but professional and compasionate. I thought CBC did a great job presenting Saints, they really got the essence of Saints! I have to take my cat to the vets today as she is not eating and not going to the b/r. Last week she ate the wool off a cat nip covered ball and seemed ok but now not so much. I will bring Copper out this afternoon or tomorrow am if that is ok? He is being so good. It is going to be hard bringing him back. No feet washes but a major face wash this am. FYI he drinks a lot of water and his breath is BAD. Hope he doesn't need another dental. Go in peace Shilo.

Kelly B

It was a wonderful production, I watched it twice. My husband was extremely touched-he's heard me talk about your rescue, but I think it came home for him to actually see you, Carol, and the animals. Seeing Copper come out of the trees with the daisy on made us laugh.

I hope this brings more attention to the need for senior animals, not just for SAINTS but to all pet owners who's animals friends are getting on in age and maybe not as frisky as they used to be, and requiring more attention. We are obliged, from the moment they come to us, to see it through to the end.

Kudos to you, Carol, to your staff and volunteers, and I hope this brings you more support.

PS-Blessings to you all and Shilo.


Go gently sweet Shilo...and may you find the utmost peace on the other side.


It was awesome to watch. You were very confident and came across very professional. I am so glad it brought some donations in. Hopefully more will follow. Everyone could see how happy the animals are. Yes I have to agree Copper looked soooooo cute as he nonchalantly walked out from the trees with his big daisy on him and Stripe on the fridge trying to get the interviewers attention. Great job!!!


Yay! The coverage was great! You came across as a completely sane, wonderfully compassionate human being, which is exactly what you are. Love you, Mom.