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i have a solid lump centered right in the middle of my chest...

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2009

and it is because of something said that not only hurt me but made me question my honesty.

it bugs me that at a moment of true celebration for something good happening for the animals of saints with my friends and family...up rears a comment to question, i am not sure integrity or my dreadful memory?

anyway..leila found the old posting for me so i can quit feeling ashamed of a simple joking conversation with my daughter when she called to say she liked the news piece and was proud of me.

and it is time to retire copper's daisy...gone is the innocent smiles it used to bring, now it is just another reminder that even foam and paint and plastic can be used for something other than they were originally meant to be.

and yes i know i am worrying too much about a petty thing...but that is what saints has done to me.

the only thing i really do own anymore is my sense of honor and personal integrity....and they are important to me.



he has been sound asleep since he got home....having fun is exhausting i guess!
thx for giving him a mini vacation, he loves adventure!


Speaking of Copper, Trev and I enjoyed his visit very much. Thank you for letting me take him for a few days. I think he really enjoyed himself and is welcome back anytime. Even to my mom's place. He was a very good dog. Andy was thrilled to see him, he went over and smelt his face and was going around in circles and wagging his tail.


just to let everyone know...i am asking no further comments on this...jean said what she felt she needed to say and i said what i felt i needed to express too and we can just leave it at that.
moving on to happier things i hope.


Carol, Carol, Carol, my comment was not meant to dampen the day, only to correct a misperception.

As for the original blog entry, I have also read it (Aug 19 and 20, 2006, for anyone who is interested) and I don't see how you can still claim you created the daisy. You suggested an E-collar. That didn't work (see the Bucking Beagle post). I suggested a wide, flat clown collar that would stick straight out from his neck - and you asked if I could make it like a daisy instead. So I suppose we could say you came up with the idea of a daisy. And then I went home and found a child's plastic-coated wakeboard and some other materials and designed it. And the first design didn't work that well (a half daisy), so I made another one, which is the one he is wearing two and a half years later.

You have a great shelter. You truly do love animals and give them your all. I have never, ever questioned your dedication to the animals. However, it seems to be against your own philosophy to now throw away a device that allows Copper the freedom he so very much enjoys simply because you feel upset by a comment I made.

I made a simple claim to be the creator of the daisy, and that is the absolute truth. This hostile and angry new blog on the matter is totally unwarranted.

I won't engage in any further discussion on the matter.

And Nicole, thank you for acknowledging my creation of the daisy in your comments on the original post.