Rescue Journal

and todays menu....

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2009

hmmm...i only have this one day off today.....
i have to pick either the house or the barn to clean cuz we are down one staff when i am here....can't decide so i'll come back to this, once i plan out the rest of my day.

75+ emails left to answer from the newscast (i have only gotten a few answered since i was working this long weekend)

finding the outstanding stuff needed by the accountant for the year end.

my personal laundry or at least enough to last the rest of the week.

do the diabetics/tubefeeds/pick up some hay, canned catfood, and bleach .

oh and we have a staff meeting today.

i need to phone the vet cuz she wants to talk to me...what else am i supposed to do..oh yeah...

set up a place for the new goat who i somehow have to keep separate from the other goats and big barn guys for the next 3 weeks because of his neuter and broken leg..where am i going to put him????? there isn't any unused confined areas out by the barn...the shop is too lonely and apparently, he does really like dogs...hmmm.
IF i keep him in the house for a few weeks...will i ever get him out of it again???? what if he likes tv and couches and decides that barns in comparison suck when he is used to more luxury?

the big dog room is virtually empty...just copper and andy live in there...they would be ok with a goat for a temporary room mate and i can let the other dogs out thru the front door so he doesn't get banged into and run over in the rush to go for a walk.

oh the seemingly temporary decisions that can affect one for the rest of one's life..if in a year or two another film crew come thru...having a self determining and self actualizing goat living in the house would look totally crazy.

what to do????

OH! DUH!!! i am sooo stupid......the little unused playhouse/dog pen in the backyard!!! perfect for a recovering goat and not in the house!

whew...ok, that is decided, now...clean barn or clean house?...which will work best for me today????

barn..then i can set his new home up nice and welcoming for our new guy.


the days plan is made.