Rescue Journal

He...has arrived

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2009

he is very royal and dignified...he is handsome and he is pure hearted so i think he should be named after a king or at least a i am changing my vote to Arthur.

tammy has pictures of his arrival...angelina had quite an adventure with a goat in the back seat of her two door hatch back. and i know for sure that he is happy to have come here. three days ago he was an spca seizure destined for euth. for an untreated broken leg but thx to the clinic and the spca manager on call, this goat at least is now safe and cared for at last.

his leg is casted, he has been neutered and his lice have been dealt with. he came with a bill of almost $600 which makes him a very expensive goat but a deal as far as i am concerned.

tonight he dined on $26 a bale hay (we ran out so i had to go to the feed store, the cheaper local $9 a bale hay was crappy...but the timothy was soft and green)...he enjoyed his beet pulp and dairy tex and his new house is stuffed full of clean and warm straw.

i think my favorite moment was when he went into his house and laid down...that said he knew he was home.

welcome little mid-sized goat, so glad you have found your way to us here.



go to the webpage, along the right side of the page are little purple tabs - the third one down is called 'shelter challenge' - click on it.
brings you to the challenge page - scroll down
Select CAN
then select BC
type in s.a.i.n.t.s (no period after the last s).
then click search
then saints' name will show - click vote
and repeat everything the next day - eventually you will be a pro as the contest continues for a while!


nicole i do not have a clue as to get on to vote for saints. i went to the sight and could not fugure it


i like arthur too. carrie asked me to let everyone know that the fundraiser starts at 7 pm on saturday the 18


Another name to consider is Lancelot or sir Lancelot. It is a very dignified name, Will or William would also be nice dignified names.


oh, your phone was off today when i called.
i need atleast 6 tickets for saturday (caylee's coming!!)
i'll find out the actually total tomorrow, but 6 is the minimum.


OOPS - TYPO: May you have many subjects to carry out your every wish . . .


Welcome King Arthur! (just remember you will always be Kidd or Legalos to me). May you have many subjects to carry our your every wish (but take it easy on them) and may you never want for anything ever again.


What about King William the Kid? William was a king. First king of England. I think.