Rescue Journal

as lynne reminded

Nicole  ·  Apr. 15, 2009

we are 3rd!!
so please continue to vote for us (everyday!!!) easy directions are below.

The Animal Rescue Site

go to the webpage, along the right side of the page are little purple tabs - the third one down is called ’shelter challenge’ - click on it.
brings you to the challenge page - scroll down
Select CAN
then select BC
type in s.a.i.n.t.s (no period after the last s).
then click search
then saints’ name will show - click vote
and repeat everything the next day - eventually you will be a pro as the contest continues for a while!



Click on the other catagories too All are good causes and if you have wireless takes 30 secs. I do it everyday, they send a reminder.Saints #2 today. Go team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Windisch

I clicked to have the rescue site reminder everyday. That way I click on the food issue and then the link to vote. I have been doing this for months and while I was away from home for a week for a TNR event I asked my husband to click everyday to feed the animals and (surprise, surprise) he did it.

I just had a problem because I didn't know the province you are in. I ran and got the atlas and I was correct in my guess, clicked and it was done. Great site and lots of stuff to buy!


i am clever!! i added it to the sidebar so now i don't have to post it as often.
so our daily readers can now go to the blog, read carol's daily adventure then go and vote for us.

good plan, right everyone!!!