Rescue Journal

vet stuff

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2009

the vet sent me some emails last might...maybe the long term drug therapy is being too hard on the felv we are going to switch both asia and betsy to simply a low dose of amoxil and some antioxidents to give their livers a rest. i asked her about the vetamino...and yes in too high of doses it could cause liver issues. so i am pulling that out and making that something that only i give instead of letting everyone add it in varying amounts to their food.

apollo was not well yesterday when she was here...we have yet to get his bloodsugars down below 18. i said he looked high again...she said he looked low...we checked his glucose level and he was 3.5...never bet with a vet, they will always win. anyway...she said to hold his insulin last night and then start him again today at 10units vs 16units. so hopefully he will feel better.

maybe this means he is finally responding to the insulin and we can get him down to more normal insulin dosing.

she thinks it is les in my room with the GI bleeding...i had it narrowed down to les, daphne or 4lane but she thinks it is les...i won't even try to disagree on that one, she is probably right again.

ok...i got stuff to do with the diabetics and betsy before i go to work, wolfie and zues were here again this morning but i already said hi and moved them into the shop for their breakfast....gotta go.



thanks nicole it was easy once you explained it. i will vote everyday. and get family and friends also.