Rescue Journal

the determination of a doltish dog

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2009

i had a good time at the fundraiser last was nice to spend time with friends and family away from the noisy little buggers..... altho the pub was pretty noisy too. i just forget sometimes that noise exists out in the real world too. i had to leave before it was finished because by 10 pm i was worrying about the lateness of the diabetic last insulin doses...but everyone was ok here when i got home.

it was a rough nights sleep tho.

tony somehow managed to get his crippled, stiff, not so little self up onto my bed. i cringed as he slipped and fell a couple of times on the plastic spa stairs. but since he was absolutely determined, he did finally make the climb...and proceeded to lay half on me like a crooked and bent 4x6 beam. and ...because it was hard to get there, (it hurt and it made him out of breath) put him into very bad mood so he was barking and snapping if anyone inch away from my face.

i couldn't kick him off...A. he is too heavy and stiff to pick up, plus i think he was in such a bad mood he might have tried to snap at me too...B. after all of that effort and pain, i just couldn't make him leave cuz that would be mean...and C there was no way that dog was leaving that bed alive and without a fight...altho he was wheezing so much from the effort, i wasn't altogether sure he would actually survive the night.

anyway, eventually he slept like the log he is and the rest of us just tried to make do.

i am thinking those resin spa stairs help alot of crippled, old, "lost" wanting to be "found" souls up onto my bed that maybe should sleep on one of their own dog beds instead.

this morning mr. stiffy is literally a pain in the neck and i won't be carrying anything heavy i am wondering how he is actually planning on getting off my bed today cuz i sure as heck am not lifting him...... getting down on his own may cause him some trouble when he decides he needs to follow me again.

good luck with that today tony...and thx for the stiff neck and headache.



Dawn... I forgot to take your jacket today... gad I have absolutley no brain sometimes... almost never on a Sunday morning.. I will bring it out next time... again sorry


OK cringing here Carol.
Just checked the ratings for the challenge. SAINTS # 1 in BC BUT #4 in Canada!!! CAN WE DO IT?????:j


I have your Jacket Dawn.. Doh ! I'l bring it out today to SAINTS & leave it in the MP room.

had a great time last night.. I slept in now I better get moving


Big thanks to everyone who put together last night's pub night, a good time had by all. It is nice to get out and mingle with people who understand your love for those whacky seniors. All three dogs are laying on the floor destroying the new toys they got from the gift basket.
Did anyone pick up a black jacket at the end of the night, it has RYDER embroidered in red?
Please let me know.