Rescue Journal

wolfie has been missing since thursday night

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2009

pure bred mal...nice dog. his dad came looking for him here the other day but wolfie wasn't here.

i am quite worried cuz wolfie and zues always take off together and zues was still in the yard.

zues is now alone in that yard 24/7 without his best friend and without wolfie, zues is a bit sketchy.

the owners took good physical care of the dogs and were never unkind...but i kept telling them to please let those dogs into the is why they kept coming here..they were bored and lonely.

i am afraid maybe wolf-man was stolen because he was a PB mal, friendly and zues is still in the yard when normally he would be glued to wolfie..and maybe whoever took him is not very nice and won't look after him well and zues is now even more lonely.

anyway...if amyone sees wolfie running around mission anywhere...can they please call me.



animal control can't do anything....they aren't neglected...they have plenty of food, shelter, appropriate vet care as needed. they have good, healthy coats, good body weights..they get treats and bones to chew on..they have a family that likes them and is not ever mean or rough with them. but they are outside dogs who happen to like human company and being inside so they come here to find it whenever they feel they can slip away.

i was at animal control yesterday...the family have been regularing calling to they are not poster kind of people, (i did suggest it) nor are they people who think like we do about where dogs should live. they hope that wolfie will be found and they hope that he is ok and they hope he will safely end up at animal control or here one day and then they will bring him home back to the yard.

but what i have learned in all of these years of rescue is....there are some pretty terrible lives that some animals live. and there are some really terrific ones and ones that are ok or ones that aren't very nice or ones that are lonely or boring but still decent enough when considering how rotten life can be.

animals lives mirror human lives...some have great ones, some do not...most are somewhere in the middle...could be better, could be worse...fair to middlin' but then that is the way of life.

i just want to know wolfie is safe and ok and i am worried about how lonely zues is right now.

i don't want to get into judgements...i just really like zues and wolfie alot... i am worried about both of them right least when i drive by, i can see zues and how he is but i can't see wolfie.


Wolfie and Zeus' human doesn't strike me as one responsible enough to make lost dog posters, or even speak to his neighbors about Wolfie. Can't Mission AC do something about two neglected, chronic runaways? The only time these poor animals seem to get any care is when they are in residence in the MP room at SAINTS.


I hope he gets TONS of signs up. This is the first I've heard about it, even though I live just down the road from him and have travelled in and out a dozen times in the last couple of days - I've not noticed any Lost Dog signs (at least none that catches my attention from the car). With so many of us on acreages here, and so many dogs and livestock in the area, Wolfie's owner might do well to go door to door letting all the neighbours know.


I will definitely keep my eyes open for Wolfie as I do my pet sitting rounds. You right sucks for Zues big time.