Rescue Journal

bully's aren't bad they are just a bit broken inside.

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2009

jesse got banished to the big dog room with the door shut to my room...he kept giving butch the hairy eyeball and the barely lifted lip. he thought he was being subtle but i saw it and i told him..."you do not want to be upsetting that little one, he is very special to me, so knock it off now." jesse thought he could ignore me.
jess is like alot of dogs with uncertain images of self, they try to build their egos by picking on the new or the weak....deep inside their soft and marshmellow, easily hurt hearts...there abides an unhappy bully. unfortunately for jess, i see it and i can't tolerate it...when they let the bully out, the whole dog gets in trouble with me.

the rule is, the dogs in my room get along safely or they quickly leave. and no one better upset the weak ones like butch or angel or les or daphne or lucy or lexi or caspar. 4lane and tony, ride a fine line but they just equally hate each other exclusively and it is verbal posturing towards each other that everyone else ignores..if they ever take it a step further or engage anyone else..they will be out in the dog room with jesse too.

maybe my pack rules are incomprehensible to them but i don't think so...packs are built on two things, peaceful cooperation and the enforcement of the rules by the big dog (me). jess is a smart guy, he knows when he is thinking ugly things and soon he will figure out that i know it too and then he has to leave. and if he doesn't figure it out...well he will be banished permanently.

i slept from 830 to 6 am..i think i feel better except my chest is still burning tight.

today i think the house is covered so i can do some of the other pick up the lime (i didn't get it last week because i made a mistake on thinking there was no moss in the lower field...yeah right, oops..look at the ground carol, it is full of moss!)...anyway, i need to pick up the lime to lime the lower field tomorrow before i start with the re-seeding and fertilizing.

i think we have 2 tours today but i am not sure because i forgot to write them down...we'll see who shows up between 11-1 pm which is when i try to book all tours.

ok...get dressed...early meds, diabetics, start some laundry and then go get the 500 pounds of lime before the troops arrive at nine.