Rescue Journal

so after a very crappy sleep...

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2009

i am thinking there is no freaking way i am going to be ready to be around patients by saturday (my first day back to work after a truly rotten holiday)...if any of them get what i still have..well.. it could be really bad. so to give work enough notice to cover me, i better toddle on off to the clinic and collect up a doctors note that says i am still contagious and should stay home for a couple of more days. i think it looks suspicious to be calling in sick at the end of one's you are just having so much freaking fun, you can't get your ass back to work....i wish.

but the good news is...since i had such a rotten sleep and since both renee and angelina are good to handle whatever here..i am going to take a full bed sick day...after i get home from the clinic.
boo is puking out her gutz this morning...i think i am counting number 5 or 6 vomit now...bad timing boo..please stop puking, there are enough of us on the sick list right now.

i will tell you tho that this morning my almost, but not quite, endless animal patience is wearing pretty freaking thin...i am already annoyed at their bloody need to react in a barking frenzy to any and everything....i think i will lay in bed with a full squirt bottle and just spray every single moron who thinks anything at all is the least bit exciting.... right in the freaking loud and chaos producing least that is my current plan...i may be really mean and lock the little most reactive twits right out of my room. that oughtta upset the little bastards as much as their stupid noise is upsetting me today.

ok...pissy mood carol is going to clean up and go see some stranger doctor and see what wisdom he/she has to share...i am thinking i will get the "drink plenty of fluids, get some rest because....ta-da....miracle have the freaking flu."

don't even get me started on that wasted, useless flu shot i get every single freaking year.



sorry, happy belated birthday. wish you were feeling better. i will not be able to make it to saints on saturday, help if anyone else can come up iam babysitting my grandkids for the day and they do not fair well with a lot of animals.


DUH!!! of course you don't want Trev up there when you feel like crap. Sorry for asking. Don't forget to tell the doc about your ear!! Take care and feel better soon. We can talk about Marty when you feel better.