Rescue Journal

the vet has come and gone

Carol  ·  May 5, 2009

and tony is still here. she is trying to get me not to panic...(good luck with that)....but as a nurse i am pretty good (but not always) at following doctors orders.

the mass i felt upon further manipulation is in fact his shoulder blade (it was displaced because of his position)...she thinks it is a ruptured cervical disc and we should be patient for a few more days. since i really do not want him to suffer, but i really do not want to lose that little pain in the ass more..i will try to bite the bullet with him and wait this tony is waiting harder for me or for you????

she gave me enough injectible pain meds to get him well thru the next 24 hours, we are starting him back on the muscle relaxants and anti inflamatories and adding antibiotics (i think in case it is a spinal abcess) and stopping the homeopathics because he had enough doses for them to be working underneath if they are working at all.

we did lift him to his feet (with a muzzle) in case he had to pee and he did sit upright for a minute or two when we put him back to bed. he has pain sensation in his front toes which he did not have yesterday and she thinks he looks a little less painful this morning too.

so since i am home sick anyway and have nothing much to do...tony and i will wait the next couple of days out together and TRY to get some rest and heal our various ill health things.

so tony...maybe you will get back on your feet again yet.

and this might be happening to teach both tony and me how to wait (good luck on this one too)