Rescue Journal

tony has died

Carol  ·  May 6, 2009

he stopped vomitting around 1 am...ok, whew...that's over. butch seemed good too. i finally went to bed.

tony lay next to me, not even 12 inches away and he quietly died while i slept.

oh god tony, i am so sorry.



Tony felt safe enough to let go, Carol, watching the one he loved most while she slept, knowing he would never be forgotten, knowing that his life had meaning and purpose, knowing he was loved.

Tony is free of pain, which is what you want for every SAINT. It's just terribly sad that you have had to take on the pain he shed.

Shalom, friend.


Sad day.....we had to try for you Tony..but you were ready to run free & fast! I will remember you on the CBC National piece faithfully following Carol all day. Even when they did the bit in the Memorial Garden and asked for take after take... you were a trooper.
Loved ya Mr.Stiffy

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Tony and Butch passed over in love and security - you cant ask for anything better for them. They knew they were loved - and nothing else matters. Take care of yourself. We are all thinking of you.


Carol, I have been reading your blog for about 6 months and have never posted. But today I feel compelled to let you know how much admire what you are doing. Through you, I feel I knew Tony and my heart is breaking. I will miss the names you have called him but most of all I will miss him. Thank you from the depths of my heart and keep up the great work.


I just found your website. You are the best person I have ever read about. I read a lot about good people but you are the best of all of them. You represent the goodness of these animals and most of all you Care and I hope you the best ever. I have five animals; 3 cats and 2 dogs. They are all fixed, and only one of the animals we bought ourselves. Her name is Hoover and she is a rotweiler. She is a good dog, but was abused in her previous home. All four of the others were all strays that were just dumped in our trailer court. Now They are loved by us. and we are loved a whole bunch by them.Thank you for reading my e-mail and I wish I could contruibute something,but in the meantime I just wanted to say to you,and your helpers the best of luck and I will be thinking of the goodness you do for your animals. Good things will happen for you. Take care . Zora L'Hirondelle


Carol, I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope that you will find solace in that Tony passed in his sleep next to you. What a comfort for Tony that you were there. May God bless you both.


Oh Carol I'm so sorry, but it must have been so peaceful for Tony. Right there beside the person he loved the most, he felt safe enough to let go.


So sorry Carol, it is a sad day for SAINTS , Run free Tony & we will miss you terribly