Rescue Journal

it has been a difficult couple of weeks

Carol  ·  May 8, 2009

my flu, the loss of 3 of our animals and the health concerns of quite a few more. there was the whole city/kennel/business thing (our inspection is set in a couple of weeks) and a few bumps in the road in peripheral stuff that have to be dealt with too.

you know all of that...or at least most of what i actually remembered to whine about.

what you do not know is....

when tony and butch were sick...joey would run to their sides whenever he thought they might need something. he would wuffle their ears and lick their noses...joey is a pain in the butt but he is a very compassionate and concerned little guy.

timmy is officially a moron...he not only found a way under the lower pasture fence but he took that idiot peluchie along with him. timmy had also learned to scale the dog yard fence...his idol, the old fart, 'AGILE AL" showed him the way. timmy is without a doubt a smart little bugger who needs a home RIGHT AWAY!

tiko is a klutz...he likes to roll around and bugger up my returning emails..last night in desperation i shoved him off my keyboard and he landed in the big dog bucket of water...unlike al...tiko is not even close to agile.

les is staying at the vets over the weekend on IV's and IV les is a good dog, he doesn't go over or under fences, he doesn't cause trouble in any way....why can't timmy or phoebe go spend the weekend with the vet?

i bought a new softie purple blanket for my bed...i think i will go change the sheets and try the new blanket on for size. (i am sure i will have quite a bit of unnecessary help from the little eager you know who's)



Timmy is the opposite of a moron if he can go over or under any fence in his way. :)