Rescue Journal

bad news on les

Carol  ·  May 9, 2009

the vet snapped xrays last night...he is full of all kinds of things...bladder stones, kidney stones and a large mass of something pressing up against his liver. i think it is cancer, but we are not opening him up to see. he is getting weaker, so i will be picking him up at the vets after work today (with BOTH injectible pain and anti-nausea meds in case of a crises) because i don't want him to end his life in the clinic thinking he was abandoned and homeless again.

les loves me, i love les...he can come home to my bed and i will book his euth. here for sunday or monday.



You gave him a 2 months of bliss Carol... there is never enough time for these souls. I will pray for a peaceful passing... and for some peace for you too...


I am sure Les will be glad to come home. I hope that he passes in peace. I am grateful for rescuers like you, Carol. You share your life with your charges and they with you. You are in it for them - you are their advocate. Thank you for everything you do and for every decision you make.


geez, he never really got a chance did he ? at least he was as happy as he could be given his circumstances. i am glad you are bringing him home, he will like that.


I am so sorry Carol. This is just way to many in one week. Thank God for you taking care of these poor souls. My heart goes out to you and all that you endure.

Current pictures are nice so we can now see who you are talking about.

God Bless