Rescue Journal

barn bedtime SUCKED.

Carol  ·  May 14, 2009

i left them til late cuz it was a beautiful evening...not that they cared, they were pissed, they wanted to eat.

FOUR empty feed bins...oh great and a barnyard full of really impatient and not very nice feeling towards me 200-1500 pound animals.

i couldn't stop and go haul it all over...they'd have either taken out the gates or me (plus my shoulder is toast today). so i made do the best i could with mix and matching this and that...cows and goats and llama can eat sheep tex, sheep can't anything else...go light on the horse pellets and a bit heavier on the beet pulp, bran and alfafa...and i guess the giant pig can eat elder mini for this one night only.

grrhhh...if thoughts could kill....remind me at some point to put my thoughts into words.

once they weree all reasonably fed and SHOULD have settled down..i thought i would let gilbert hang out with them for awhile...except that idea got scratched because of the idiot cow.

percy was being a flying idiot doorknob...bucking and head butting poor little gil...pete and edith decided to join in the mauling of one of my favorite guys.

i took gil back out to his pen...listen here idiot farm freak folks...I WILL INTERGRATE THAT FREAKING GOAT PEACEFULLY INTO YOUR STUPID LITTLE HERD or you will spend the rest of your lives in the BARREN riding ring and i will let gilbert reign free over the rest of the ENTIRE GREEN GRASS farm.



You tell'em mom!

I wish I could film these episodes ... new reality show?

Jane Stanley

In its context...this is the funniest rant I've seen in awhile. Thanks again.