Rescue Journal

it has been a stressful evening

Carol  ·  May 18, 2009

i am having a hot chocolate and baileys and then heading off to bed. my funny for the night first.

sissy understands the word..."fireplace"

she was trying to get up on my lap so i picked her up and started to kiss her bare belly. it was cool so i said, do you want me to turn the fireplace on?

and at that word...sissy lit a firecracker under her butt. she flew off my lap, jumped, circled and play bowed all the way over to her bed. then she sat her butt down with her back to me and her nose 4 inches away from the fireplace and trembled ecstatically in anticipation of me turning it on.

funny dog...she knows way more english than i ever thought.



lol....its cuz you hang out with her arch enemy... roxie....who we both know, maude just can't live without.


I really miss seeing the indoor guys... exspecially Sissy & Buddy & Molly.. I really need to make a point of going in & spending 15 minutes with them. I went in briefly yesterday to get on your computer... Holy Cow was maude pissed at me for being in there... she barked at me non-stop until I left ... I don't think she likes me ...


Awwwwww that is so cute. We have to spell everything but I think our girls are now learning how to spell too.