Rescue Journal

norman has passed away

Carol  ·  May 20, 2009

no one now at saints, except for myself, had the real pleasure to meet norman. he was one of saints very first ...he came and went before we even moved to the very first site.

norman came to my family home late one night...filthy dirty and matted...a dog liberated from a chain by a neighbor who just couldn't stand his suffering anymore. he had a leaky dog house with a thick and muddy floor and i didn't want to know anything more about where he had come from because as a rule, i try to avoid stolen dogs.

but a very few have shown up over the years and they are always in such shameful condition and suspecting they were liberated i don't ask too many questions because i just can't turn those poor things away.

so norman came into my home and was a really good dog...he was kind and gentle and sweet. he was a little on the shy side but he warmed up really quickly.

we found him a very great foster and from there he found a very great home and 5 years later, tonight, i received the news that norman has passed from this world.

norman is one of the few lucky ones...fairy tale endings don't happen all of that often for dogs left to rot on a chain.

and i am so thankful that at the moment of his death, he felt loved and cared for and valued...norman had a family who loved him and who he loved in return.

that is a very happy ending for the very sad dog i saw late one night so many years ago.
thank you brad and elizabeth and my deepest sympathy on the loss of your very special friend.



If only all the Normans out there could find their own Brad & Elizabeth, what a truly wonderful world that would be.

Run free Norman , it sounds like many people will be remembering you & wishing you a safe journey.

My sympathies to Brad & Elizabeth .


As we discussed...I knew Norman very well..under a different name and a horrible different life...he was dearly loved by the people whom he turned too and ran away too whenever he could get himself free. The times I and others cried and begged for him to be turned over to us I cannot count. I was thrilled when I accidently found out he had moved on to your rescue...I just wanted people to know that he had some good times when he got away to the place he felt safe in our neighborhood...a friend of mine has his look alike since she loved him very much and even offered money for Norman to no avail...I can go and look at the pictures of him that we have and feel so good he did end up where he in peace little man you were very loved by many of us and if I knew then what I know now things would have changed even quicker for you. For that I am very sad..we did try...but not hard enough...I will let the folks around here know he has passed on. He was talked about just 2 weeks ago at a due...


Thank you Brad and Elizabeth for opening your hearts and home to Norman. It sounds like it was a perfect match! May God bless you both and ease your pain.