Rescue Journal

the big day

Carol  ·  May 21, 2009

kennel inspection day. (not that we actually have a kennel anywhere) i have heart burn. hope all goes well and the bylaw officer can't count. wish us luck cuz if luck is on holiday somewhere else we are in very big trouble.

i did some stuff last night and then got up at 3 am to do some more...but the kick ass cleaning i am just ready to do now so it lasts until the inspection at 10 am.

so at least by late this morning, i will know what is, will be... and then i can deal with it from there. but i am so not ready for this...i wanted to be down another 10 dogs before we started the application process at all. of course the real trouble is...with all of the desperate senior dogs out to get down in numbers by 10 dogs?

just say no...sigh.

i am tired, my esophagus feels like it is ready to erupt out my chest...and the dogs better be good and keep themselves busy AND quiet...out of mind, out of hearing and out from under my freaking feet.

i should have just done mid-sized old black dogs and as they wandered in and out and here and there the inspector might have thought he was just seeing the same dogs over and over again.
oh well..if during the inspection my chest does explode in an eruption of molten fire maybe in that moment of crises, that will distract him enough to forget how many dogs are wandering around in here.

i hate my life, i hate my life...i want a normal life without all the extra stress.


Marie Bellemare

I'm with SAINTS in thoughts. Carol remember to breath once in a while. Good vibes are sent from Montreal, marie

Chris T

Just keep in mind the ARMY of mostly angry women that would descend on Mission City Hall should they try to shut you down. We could raise such a ruckus they would be begging you to expand! I am sure it will all work out.


try Boldocynara and Acidophilus for your stomach.
Good luck today. Hope all goes well.

Francesca Wilson

Whoever inspects can only be touched and impressed by SAINTS. It would be impossible to feel otherwise.


How do you get the numbers down?....tell the people at city hall they can each take 3 desperate senior dogs home with them! Or find a way to let Saints keep doing an AWESOME job of caring and loving societies unwanted. Yay, the sun is shining. Sending positive thoughts!!