Rescue Journal

boo is back

Carol  ·  May 24, 2009

she is back to grabbing my hand to pull it over to see if it is holding something she'd like to eat. and putting her face right up into my face so she can smell what she just saw me eat. she still has one dilated and one constricted pupil from the stroke which looks weird but she doesn't know her eyes look weird...all she knows is "hey..are you eating something i like?!"

she had part of my lunch and she just had some taco chips (go figure)..i needed a snack cuz i am having a late dinner with my family.

i have been hitting lucas hard with the pain meds...i am afraid that the boney mass on his front leg that hurts him so....looks like an osteosarcoma. anyway...he is less painful today and i will get him into the vet next week to see what they think. he had a good second day at saints pond/field and barn.......but, he is starting to want to follow me everywhere around the house when i want him to stay put and rest...shades of lexi, she is probably egging him on to do her job since now she can't.

tell him to rest can still follow me yourself.

gosh that little crippled kitten lotus is freaking ADORABLE!!!......."YIKES, don't touch me!!!...oh...ok i like the head scratching thing"

scrapper is a bit of a scrapper...he is fine as long as no one gives him attitude, but the back room hags are learning to leave him alone cuz he ain't gonna be pushed around by no cranky old cat girls.

all is well at more weird stuff from was a beautiful day again today.