Rescue Journal

wow...i slept in til 7:45

Carol  ·  May 26, 2009

ooops. oh well, must have needed it.

lucas is on his way to the vet for his xrays...angelina is running him in cuz i wasn't quite awake yet. fingers crossed that nothing really ugly shows up and it is just a bad case of arthritis that we have to find the right combo of meds to deal with.

this is how al eats nacho chips...sniff each chip carefully while securely held by your fingers. find the edges with melted cheese attached and very carefully nibble off those edges leaving the rest of the chip intact. it drives the other dogs nutz.

"just eat the freaking thing fast al cuz we are waiting for ours and you are taking way too long!"

we ate nachos and watched men in black 2 last night on the very large new bed...i enjoyed the movie...they enjoyed the food. i woke up hungry in the middle of the night...they slept on cuz their belly's were full.

little lotus flower has old scrapper's giving her her morning bath...a babe with the determination to make tough old street cats gotta love that....i wish i had that kind of power!

well...i still need my breaky, diabetics to do and there is a tour at 10 am today before i go to work so i better get moving my butt here this morning..... grhhh...old, creaky, feeling lazy body is now forced to actually move.

oh...looking for a new (used) comfy computer chair....i want it as a second one cuz eddie likes mine, and i think he should have his own so i can have mine without the guilt.