Rescue Journal

prayers for gilbert

Carol  ·  May 30, 2009

he has been seizuring since mo got here this morning. the vet has come and gone and will be back but since he is seizuring every 3-5 minutes despite the meds, it doesn't look good. could be meningitis, we are wrapping him in cold wet clothes and trying to get his temperature down.

i will stay with him, work kindly said they can get by without me this afternoon.

update 4:30 pm
the vet has gone again...he will phone me at 8 pm and then check gil in the morning..he gave him more valium IM and told me to give him 2 more doses of IM ABX's tonight. he went down with that valium but he kept seizuring so i just gave him a dose per rectum which has totally knocked him out and now he is sleeping and snoring. i have a few more doses so my plan is to keep him knocked out and break that seizuring cycle. we moved him into the pen in the shop which is much cooler and laid straw on the floor and lined the wire with yoga pads so his horns don't get caught in the wire if he starts seizuring again.

and now we wait. he will either not recover or he will. the bloodwork won't be back in time to give us the answers we need so we wait and hope for as long as we reasonably can.

hope still floats at saints tonight.

we all love you gil...get better please.

9pm update

he is still quite sedated but has moved to the other side of the pen. i haven't seen any further seizure activity, and the vet said at 8 that this is good news.

he is not eating or drinking and this is worrisome but he is still pretty out of it so maybe when the valium wears off he will.

if not, i will run some sc fluids thru him in the morning before i leave for work.

come on gilbert, you are a very strong and special goat!

midnight update

gilbert is holding his seizures for more than 6 hours. he is awake but totally out to lunch and unaware of his surroundings (i hope this is just the post-seizure/valium recovery period and not a permanent brain damage from too many seizures)

i think he is ok to leave for the night now and i will catch some sleep and check him at 6 am when i get up for work.

rest well gilbert and please be able to say hello, i'm hungry in the morning.



Nudge and Co are praying like crazy for Gilbert to be strong and get better.


Oh Gilbert you poor little thing. I pray you get through this. You sound like such a sweetheart and just want to be loved.