Rescue Journal

even goats with temporarily (i hope) fried brains

Carol  ·  May 31, 2009

can get into trouble if left in a shop all alone.

he broke out of the gate (don't ask me how he found it under all of the yoga mats) and knocked a bunch of crap over before he was too tired to cause more trouble.

mo is stronger than me (at least at 6 o'clock in the morning and brand new awake.) for the life of me, i could not pick that goat up to put him back in the pen. i finally got him to his feet and then just shoved him across the slippery lino floor thru the pen door.
anyway...gilbert if he is recovering...cannot stay in there. even fried brains now know where that gate is and that gate is just wire...good for dogs but useless for goats on a mission.

so now i am stumped...where to put a toddering, out to lunch, frankenstien goat who is not yet really thinking but still capable of causing havoc wherever he can get himself to go.

hmmm...hey laura..too early to call you.

can you call randy? (steve is away) and ask him if he can come up today and unscrew the upper plywood back wall from the riding ring barn (it was built for the upper plywood to be removable with a screw driver to let the breezes blow thru in the hot weather)...that will let the cooler air in from between the 2 shady buildings to keep gilbert cool and is easier to keep a busy in slow motion recovering goat safely contained? then gilbert can recover in the small stall and stay relatively least, that's the current plan, its the best i can come up with at 6 am.

does anyone else have any bright ideas? is too early to try to outsmart a sick goat.