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I heard Nicole accompanied by Sandy on CBC Radio!!!!

 ·  Jun. 2, 2009

So I am driving home from work around 6:00 PM last night listening to CBC radio and the discussion is about fashion accessories for your dog - is it too much? The fashion editor speaks to a young woman who had just come back from India and she is trying to keep an open mind but dog fashion seems a little bit excessive. Then the guy says I talked to another young woman Nicole who was accompanied by her dog Sandy. At this point I am like, what, what, hey is that Nicole? The reporter says that Nicole has a different perspective. He says that Nicole belongs to an organization called SAINTS (says what it stands for and what it does) and then on comes Nicole. NICOLE YOU WERE FANTASTIC!!!! Loved what you said - hooked the reporter in so that he actually promoted SAINTS on the air and gave out SAINTS website to the listening audience.

I will let Nicole come on and give an overview of her message as I don't want to get it wrong.



Come on Nicole... I want to hear an overview of what your perspective is on fashion for dogs.. Lol... I am picturing Carly, Shrek & Fiona & Sandy in tutu's & Top hats .... OK Shrek gets the Top Hat & the others can have the TuTu's


Paul and I heard Nicole too and smiles filled our faces. Way to go, girl!


These opportunities with the media offer the freest advertising you will ever get for an organization. Use them to the max at every opportunity. A great benefit for the animals.