Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2009

i want whatever drugs the vet gave to eddie today...can we say MR. HAPPPPPPYYYY....i think it was just steriod and pain injections but holy smoke, he feels good.

it is slightly annoying.

bj also likes pizza. so today he has learned that pizza and ice cream reside at saints. wonder what he will learn tomorrow? i am going to enjoy introducing him to all kinds of fun stuff to eat...that dog is way too skinny and he needs a TON of fun food to find his joy again.

so apparently all arguments end at the front door with niko if there is a piece of pizza flapping in his face. he didn't say a word of protest, just barged right in and had his treat. don't count on pizza every night niko...i can't afford it.

spot went sort of down to the lower pasture...she actually mostly hung out on the shade of the hill and enjoyed the sweet green grass. BUT, bringing her back up for bedtime was freaking scary cuz she lists to the right. i was afraid she was going to topple down the side of the hill so like an idiot, i went on the weak side of her.

it took just a couple of wobbles for me to figure out that if she fell over, i was freaking old, white, flat bread toast.

lotus went off to spend the night at the vets for assessment of her crippled legs. i will pick her up in the early afternoon on my way home from my mommy thing.
ok..i am off to bed cuz i gotta be out of here by just after 6 am to meet my daughter for the drive to her graduation.

REALLY early diabetic pokes in the morning...i hope the four of them are good with this.