Rescue Journal

the fruit fairy

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2009

i took a sick day yesterday cuz i was not feeling well...i spent most of the day in bed, dozing on and off. i was in bed and asleep last night by 10 pm and slept right thru until 6 am this morning when i woke up and started to kick ass around here.

renee took the day off for an audition thing (she came in at 7am for an hour to do the feeding and meds) but i had to have the main house cleaned and everything done before i left for work by noon. it was a struggle but it got done.

i rushed home from work on my dinner break to put the barn guys to bed, but i only had a short time cuz i had an appointment at work again for 7pm.

everything went ok and i didn't cheap out time wise but made sure all the barn guys had their fresh and nicely cut up fruit. and they all cooperated quite nicely except for ellie mae. her royal highness was sleeping in the outside barn. i could see she didn't feel all that great and had gotten pretty sunburned today (there is lots of shady areas ellie!)

anyway..her dinner was all ready and waiting in her stall when ellie finally hefted herself to her feet and started across the riding ring. she got as far as the hay shed and then lay back down. "i am too tired and i don't feel well so i am not going any further than here."

"come on ellie!!! i have to get back to work!!!!" but no way was she moving an inch further, not even close to the 25 feet left to cover to the barn.

"fine." said i..(i get the whole trouble with hauling 700 pounds of hot and sunburned flesh around).. "i will put you to bed when i get home but you will have to wait until after 9pm."

ellie just closed her eyes and pretended to go back to sleep.

i rushed home at 9...quickly did up the diabetics and went out to put her to bed. NOW she was in a hurry. she banged on the gate, she banged on the barn door, she pushed so hard on the sheep's gate that the knot got too tight and i couldn't get it undone...that REALLY pissed her off.

i finally got it undone and let her into her stall and EVERY SINGLE PIECE of 2 large nicely cut up juicy apples and 2 lovely large and white cut up bananas were gone.

those bloody, thieving barn rats had pilfered all the best parts of her dinner. i can just see the little rodent line of happy shoppers walking off with piece after succulent piece..bastards.

i looked over at their little hole that leads right into her stall and i saw their little noses sniffing when i brought her in some more. i yelled at them....

and i told ellie to feel free to roll over in her sleep and squish the little thieving bastards if they came out again looking for more.