Rescue Journal

i was proactive and had the water tanks filled up BEFORE the well runs dry this year.

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2009

the sheep were sheared this morning...they look so freaking cute and little. we had the usual sheep head butting wars following. they temporarily forget they know each other with all of their wool shaved off.

squirt got shaved too..thank you so much samantha for cleaning him up and doing some of the nails around here. he looks freaking cute too.

gideon is getting so thin, but at least in the last few days, he is starting to eat all his food again. he is 34 now and starting to look like a little old man...come on gideon lets pack back on the pounds!

spot seemed quite content today...she enjoyed watching the sheep get sheared. she and percy hung over the gate and watched closely..i guess they were interested to see what the sheep actually looked like under all of that wool.

misfit is holding her own but i think she is getting close..maybe tomorrow..maybe monday we will have to step in and help her to go.

the dogs are all tired, they had a good day today. the volunteers worked hard today...i bet they are also tired.
the SGA's (saints guardian angels) are probably tired too..they were out running garage sales and barbacues to raise money for saints today....sounds like they had a very good day (maybe gilbert will get his new pen quite soon!)



i looked at that high fat 20 feed last time i was in the feed store but wasn't sure if high fat was a good thing for him or not. i was going to ask the vet if high fat was ok for an ancient horse. so i got some other stuff (blue bag. step 4 think...california crunchy crumble something or other..same protein level as the senior feed but nutritionally replaces hay (which he can't eat)...he only has 6 teeth left so right now we are soaking his feed and he is getting beet pulp, bran, senior horse pellets and the blue bag crumble stuff all mixed up in a mash...and eating it all.
he won't eat the alfalfa pellets any more so we had to take that out of his mix and we can't find the straight timothy cubes to soak for him cuz they stopped making it and now only make a timothy/alfalfa cube mix which he hates.
pisses me off cuz he would most times ate the timothy cubes...or at least most of them.

he really wants to just eat apples...has no problem chowing down on those.


I don't know what Gideons teeth are like but if he can eat kibble there is an awesome grain made by ProForm feeds called HighFat 20, they also have a good senior feed. The highfat 20 smells like candy, it's YUM.


hi wendy call me on my cell 604-339-5144..but keep in mind chica and suzie are NOT good with kids..they bite adults occasionally but they really do not like kids and are not safe with them. they are both chronic house-pee'ers...these are the reasons they were taken to the vet for euth. and not much has changed...except none of it is an issue anymore for them here.


Hi Carol; Email wont go thru but was wondering if Chica and Suzie were still available? Would like to meet them if they are. e adopted Mosquito Mike back in 2006 and love him to bits issues and email is Also available to foster BC Chi rescue did my homecheck for them and approved us.