Rescue Journal

wanna wake up in the morning and put a painful kink in your brain from trying to problem solve too early?

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2009

hey! come wake up at saints!

wolfie and zues are here this morning. TG and a couple of dogs are asleep inside the shop. frodo is loose in the driveway (he must have slipped out when TG got here last night, thank god he is up on the fence) and those two wayward wanderers i know will kill cats or other prey animals because not only have i seen how they look at my cats thru the fence..i have occasionally seen blood on their heads when they arrive here after a party night out.

can't take them home...their gate is padlocked so i can't put them back in their yard. their folks sleep late on the weekends so calling and leaving a message won't get any results until almost noon.

i tried to put them in the back yard but my guys went nutz in the house and the cats in the new cat run do not like being looked at like dinner, plus gilberts pen is back there and i don't trust them not to jump his fence and do something bad to him.

they can easily jump the memorial garden gate so no point in even trying to put them in there..oh screw it... i stuck them in the back of my van. but soon it will be too hot in there.

shit man, this is too complicated to figure out this early in the morning...i guess i will take the little bastards with me to mcdonalds for breakfast and see if i can come up with a brainstorm idea on where to safely stick them while i treat them both to breakfast.

bad dogs.



I think that after breakfast at Mcdonalds, the light bulb went on in Wolfie and Zeus' little brains and they GOT it! Early morning visits to SAINTS = breakfast at Mcdonalds.

You may be seeing a lot more of them!


What about locking them up in the cow barn? both halves of each door lock.