Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2009

you have to say it with a proper understated french accent like that obnoxious kid in "hancock."

that was todays lesson in indentifying who to stay away from for raggs ( the new knickers in a knot poodle that arrived today)...i introduced him to 4lane...asss-hoollll, and jesse...ass-hoollll.....and phoebe...asss-hoolll..and jeremiah...REALLLL ASS-HOOOLLLLLL!

he got the message and learned a new word quite well.

it is easy to teach a dog new words...just sit on the bed and commentate consistently as he wanders around.

he is a nice little dog..quite sweet, very quick on his feet (that's a good thing when learning about ass-hooolllls) BUT spoiled rotten (not in a saints way)

the saints way to spoil rotten is to make them strong and secure and self actualizing. to help them become little happy despots and find their own power so the world is not such a scary place.

ragger's way to spoiled rotten led to uncertainty and fear and distrust in his own ability to weather the storms of life. he IS strong and powerful...he is NOT a victim to the whims of he just has to learn all of we started with eating ice cream off a spoon.

it was a miserable failure..BUT he did manage to get it off my fingers. ahh well the spoon thing will come with a little more practice. we will just have to work on it a little bit more.

welcome to saints raggs, you are a cute little fellow.