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bj has passed from saints today

Carol  ·  Jun. 15, 2009

we had a vet appointment for 2:30 at the clinic for colleen to assess him. in the past week he has developed a swelling at the frontal part of his skull. given his other neurological symptoms and endless wandering, i was pretty sure it was a brain tumour.

colleen came out here with her son to meet lucy (lucy has gone home with them on a foster trial) and we decided to do bj's exam up here, rather that stress him out in the clinic. she found a very painful mass in his belly and she felt with the neuro signs and the changing shape of his skull, that he probably had cancer in both the abdomen and the brain. she felt his quality of life was not good and the wandering and restlessness was from pain.

we have had him on pretty hefty doses of 4 different medications to manage that pain with minor improvement but not enough.

we decided to help him to pass today while she was here so he could die at home.

bj passed very peacefully in the memorial garden, he was sound asleep within brief minutes of the pre-sedation, he didn't fight it at all.

i think it was the first time in a very long while that he was totally and completely free from pain.

renee, angelina and i were with him...he knew he was loved and cared for, he was not alone.

rest in peace sweet happy and free.



Rest in peace BJ now you are forever young and free from will be remembered.


This was a double whammy blog ... I am sad to hear that BJ has moved on, but realize it was best for him & now he is pain free & happy again... go swiftly sweet dog there are friends there waiting for you... as for Lucy I was waiting for Colleen to take her ... Now that she has... I have a BIG sadness in my heart... Boo Hooo I will miss my Woooooo ...again I know it is best for her.. but I feel like being selfish & want her back to help me with the barn... I wish this part would get easier


BJ in your short time at Saints you got to experience getting muddy during a field run, ice cream sandwiches and most of all love. I'm so glad you passed peacefully in the arms of people who cared and in the most beautiful spot I know the memorial garden.


he did not have long with saints, but he was loved. it totally sucks for him wish he could have had a little more time. we will miss you little wandering sweet boy. rest in peace.