Rescue Journal

not a great saints day

Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2009

frodo jumped into the back of a trailer unbeknownest to anyone and travelled a mile down the road. thank god monica looked in her rear view mirror at the same second that frodo decided to jump out. she saw him run into the bush and then she rushed back to saints to get help. renee and angelina and i jumped into our cars to go and find him. i followed monica (renee and angelina came later cuz they stopped to grab a crate and then ended up on the wrong road cuz they thought he was on fernadale but really he was on stave lake.

anyway to make a long shared heart attack short ..frodo being frodo and a MOST AMAZING cat, kept his wits about him, didn't totally panic and came out of the bush when i called...he is once again safely at home.

god i wish he would keep his feet out of other people's vehicles!

marshmellow is home from his first eye surgery...he wouldn't eat at the vets so we have to watch him carefully and get him back in if he doesn't eat here. he goes back in a few weeks from now to have the one eye unsutured and the other cornea scraped and sutured closed. it will be about six weeks in total until all of his surgeries are done and he can see again.

the vet came to see the barn guys..gilbert still is permanently fully blind so we will go ahead on his new blind goat habitat..i think he will be happier with a bigger and nicer home which allows his friends to hang out in the evenings and sleep with him.

gideon is not good. he had his bloodwork and an ultra sound. we will wait for the blood work results before we come to any conclusions but the vet is not hopeful that there is anything that can be done. he thinks it is probably an underlying cancer given his extreme old age.

the saddest news of all is about spot. the vet said it is time to let her go. her breathing is no better despite the antibiotics and steriods. we stopped her pain meds yesterday because she started a GI bleed but since we are arranging her euthanization for this weekend, i will start them back up again. the vet said she is the oldest holstein he has ever seen.

poor spot, poor percy...poor all of us who love and now will lose her...she is just too old.

and little maggie, who came from TG to saints and is now in foster care with chris and deb and re-named gemma-joy, had her re-check today. the mammary cancer is back again and it appears to have spread to her lungs so gemma is now confirmed as palliative..i am so sorry chris, deb and angelina, i know how much you all adore her.



i will send the paperwork home with angelina and ask nicole to moved them both to the adopted page. it is good that they are both no longer homeless near the end of their roads.
thx you guys.

Deb Thomas

Thanks Erika. It's breaking our hearts that Gemma J. won't grow old here with us. It makes my blood boil that the original cancer probably would never have developed had Gem been spayed as a puppy.

Gemma Joy and Tucker have been officially adopted by the Thomas clan. We will saturate both of these Sainted beings with love every remaining day of their lives.

Thank you, Carol and TG, for entrusting us with the care of this beautiful, magical little soul.


I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Gemma last weekend. I am sorry she will not be with you guys for a longer amount of time; she is so lucky to have been with you this long!
You are all in my thoughts,