Rescue Journal

i think i am on the ball again

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2009

but maybe ya think you always know when you are really on the ball? or does it depend on what is going on around you and if you can juggle it all really well?

it was pretty quiet here today, nothing overly challenging...and i got thru the day fairly well but maybe today was not a good test.

we did have a couple of bumps in the road...that asshole lahonie kicked maude in the head. she is ok (i think) but again hard to be really sure cuz even on a good day her brain cells are a bit scrambled so i wasn't too happy that lahonie took it upon himself to scramble up some more for her.

and...jerry was once (or twice or three times) again a bit of a jerk. so screw it, i don't care if he is freaking cute..he can hang out on the floor til he learns to be nice to the other guys.

lucas was giving the hairy eyeball to lynne and KO today...he was just making sure no one was even thinking of getting him to move. i got him to move when i brought niko in, but i learned my lesson so i used food.

i think lucky's nose finally looks better and i am not too keen to make matters worse by cutting it open and adding sutures for a deep biopsy. so i am thinking of canceling her appointment tomorrow and giving it another couple of days before we start to get aggressive in looking at what is exactly going on with her.

saints welcomes kirsten...she is a work experience exchange student from england starting tomorrow. she will be working at saints until mid august to accumulate credit towards her animal nursing career.

and thankfully it rained quite a lot today, i am very happy about this and i hope it continues to rain for a few more days. it may be wet, but its warm and fresh and very good for our grass and well.

percy is doing ok...he gets a bit squirrely at bedtime and has for 2 nights in a row, rushed into the barn and into sparkles was his stall when he was a baby, and i am wondering if while he is missing spot, he feels more secure in there. we will soon be looking for a new mom for him, just waiting for a senior cow in need to surface and want to come and live here with percy and crew.