Rescue Journal

i am late in posting today

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2009

i was cleaning the shop...that took up most of my day. frodo was happy i was in there, it was too cold and rainy for him to be outside today. and niko joined us cuz he does not like the rain either but he also does not want to hang out in the house on rainy days.

i am so happy with the rain..the grass seed is getting water and the fertilizer is soaking into the ground!

this afternoon tammy came to help me..she brought al and phoebe...they had a blast gutting every single toy in the shop ( tammy cleaned it up!)

the wee calves are doing ok tonight...emily was slow on her bottle tonight and still has a nasal discharge. todd ate like a fiend at every single feeding...both of their diarrheas are better so that too is a very good thing. all three of the new goats are back up on their feet...they are not climbing the stall walls so much but the metacam is keeping them relatively pain free.

percy and joy are just two peas in a pod, they REALLY like each may be quite a bit smaller than percy but she for sure is the boss. he is NOT allowed to horn in on her dinner so he runs over and bugs pete and edith instead.

gilbert's new blind goat pen is almost done...he should be able to move in by the weekend except his covered porch won't yet be quite done.

the nice ladies who rescued jeremiah came out for a visit tonight..they took me out for dinner...mmmmm humus and pita and caeser salad..great way to finish the day. they also brought a TON of food for the open everyone better come hungry cuz we have a ton of food to serve out.

speaking of jeremiah...he came in to write the blog with me tonight..but then he launched himself at tyra so i made him go wait in the kitchen. he is currently fussing at the wire trying to convince me to change my mind...not very likely...cute dog but a pain in the ass.

i just want to say...that we do have some of the world's nicest cats..winter the lovely..diablo the funny...scrappy the sucky, tiko the cuddly, tula the anyone out there looking for a truly GREAT cat????