Rescue Journal

just a warning for everyone tomorrow

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2009

if i start turning purple while hacking up a lung..just make me sit down for a few minutes and breathe... preferably BEFORE i kick off and die. i think my sinus allergies are turning into asthma cuz i have been in coughing hell most of today. it is quite disgusting and the timing pretty much sucks.

and alternately..if i seem kind of out to lunch...just attribute it to lack of sleep and a hefty dose of allergy medication.

all is well on the saints front. edith is A-OK..the cow babes are good...the place is as clean as we could get it with all of the crap going on around here.

looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend and giving tours to gilberts new blind goat pen (good job steve! and remind me i want to make a very small alteration is the current design.)

remember everyone come hungry...we have a TON of food.

and all volunteers...the T-shirts are here so if you want one grab it in the morning.



Hi Carol..I am going to come out today..finally, I have to place a dog out in PoCO..
Anything I can bring?