Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2009

i am too bagged for more.

lahonie kicked edith yesterday...he got ellie the other day and she has a huge bruise too. anyway...edith is a lot smaller than ellie...i was up all night checking on her..i was so afraid he might have ruptured something internally. she is sore but she is still with us.

note to all staff and rule...sheep and goats are to be in separate areas from the horses...and do not let the dogs anywhere near lahonie at all. that horse is sometimes a really big jerk.

all the new ones are fine.

nina and caspar and jerry got groomed yesterday...they look great!!! thx kathy and samantha!!!!
i am in the process of digging myself a grave....please remind me next year to take my vacation in hawaii and miss the whole getting ready for the open house thing.



Being new to your blog, I thought you were talking about kids until I read the 2nd paragraph and I couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. Hope Ellie and Edith gets better and looking forward to meeting all you at the Open House!