Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2009

it occurs to me that this coughing thing may not be allergy induced might be pissed off lungs from too much bleach yesterday. i am having trouble doing ANYTHING without uncontrollable coughing..i just took some codeine in the hopes of surpressing the cough til my lungs forget i assaulted them unfairly.

luckily, since i was awake on and off all night and unable to breathe...i did manage to make brief but effective use of mops and paper towels in my gasping wanderings...this morning, it is still pretty freaking clean in here!

a bit of laundry, fill a water bowl or two, sweep a floor...change their bedding and blankets and poof we are pretty much good...if i wasn't coughing so much, i could be done in an hour or so...but since i am..thank god, lynne is coming early.

i do want to get the barn guys fed and out and stick them all where i want them to be before mo gets here to clean the barns...and angelina and i are going to try to clean gilbert's old pen so we can use it for jesse if we might just be too much for him with his occasional biting thing.

we also want to clean out the chickens so their houses are nice and tidy too. we have to stash frodo in that extra pen in the mp room so he doesn't go off in someone's car...niko needs to go into the pen in the shop so he doesn't barge out the front gate or jump some other gate barging moron...dusty is going into the office because as a blind dog, she has decided that strangers are scary and that means lucky will go into the mp room and she absolutely LOVES it in there (all kinds of stuff to get into.)

AND for the past two days i have forgotten to introduce our newest saint... name (sorry) i just haven't had a chance to get to know him or her...this is a little feral cat trapped by a family who were feeding her/him but were moving that very day. they were desperate not to leave him/her behind uncared for but no one else had room to help.

we didn't either but the woman was pregnant and i could hear the tears coming cuz she had no idea what to do with crazy cat in the trap but she knew she could not just leave him or her there. sigh, i felt sorry for her so i said yes to the cat.

anyway, she/he is currently stuck in a cage and looks about as pissed off as my lungs. i will try to get one of the vets to spay/neuter next week so she/he stays put in that cage til we get that done.

any suggestions for a unisex name for a pretty short haired tabby?



or Shae or Sasha. How can you tell i'm having a boring vacation on the island?


Morgan, Jordan, Bobby, Alex, Leslie, Ashley, Chris, Evan, but you might have had some of these names already. Hope everything goes well this weekend, so sad to miss it.