Rescue Journal

todays open house went great

Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2009

all of us are exhausted tho...nicole thinks tomorrow because it is sunday will be even busier (oh gawd!!)

we all met tons of great people and everyone seemed to really like what we do...we needed twice as many tour guides tho..oh laura and lana how could vegas compare to giving tours at saints..please come home before tomorrow????

the vet came out to see todd again today..he really is not doing well. the vet said it is because the farmers sometimes don't bother to let the little bull calves have that one feeding of colostrom that they need so much...bull calves go straight to slaughter so they aren't expected to need their mothers immunity in order to survive.

she gave him both an anti inflamatory injection to bring his temperature down and another long acting antibiotic and will come and check him again tomorrow. she wants us to take out one formula feed each day and give him an electrolyte feed instead. we will just have to keep our fingers crossed that todd will fight hard to live and make it thru this difficult time for him.

little emily is doing much better, she is bright and perky and venturing out of the barn and hanging out with joy and percy (with a fence in between)...she wants to be with them and they look like they would like her to be too.
oh my goodness, percy just loves his joy. tonight he was grooming her neck just like he used to do to spot and jeanette..he is such a very lovely guy.

the dogs are totally beat....they had a TON of exercise, keeping up with all of the many tours. and little reggie has gone home on a two week trial with mj so hopefully that goes really well. and caspar has taken over cuddles role in keeping up with me...he matched me step for step today and then still had enough get up and go to chase the cats tonight.

wish us luck tomorrow that we can get thru one more day. and if you didn't have a chance to get up here yet...try tomorrow we still have a TON of food to share!!!



As a lactation consultant I can attest that those colostrum feeds are absolutely incredibly important in sealing the gut and priming the immune system.

It may not be too late though.

You can buy bovine colostrum (which is unfortunately manufactured in the factory farming process - talk about dilemmas. It's the same process that gives you little bulls which go straight to slaughter). Hwvr, it may really help him.

You also need <b>raw cow milk</b> for this boy, not any formula. Raw cow milk is avail in the lower mainland - though it's currently not quite legal for people to sell it for human consumption but I know some alternative folks who do use it so it's out there. Anyway - for human babies, the best milk is always mama milk, followed by donated milk and last on the list is any manufactured 'milk replacement/formula/artificial milk'. So I'm thinking for cow babies, the optimal feeding looks like this: the best milk is own mama's cow milk, then donated raw cow milk, pasteurized whole cow milk, and then any manufactured formula. A baby cow's system is designed to work with cow milk.

So try to seek out raw milk for this guy. If you want me to ask around, let me know.

Also, be sure to calmly touch and pet him lots. Immunity is also stimulated by the mother's caressing & touching. Infants who are not touched enough in SCN will not do as well as those who are.


Sounds like the Open House was fantastic - I was there in spirit! Wish I had known some SAINTS were in Vegas - I would have liked to meet some of the people involved with SAINTS. Sorry for the heat in Vegas but hope you enjoyed yourselves.


Wish I could be there, but I am in spirit. Wishing you all a wonderful day with the saints. I would love to see some pictures posted of the festivities.


Sooooooo miss being there! Glad everything is going well. Vegas is great but could not resist checking the blog, we are going through withdrawal not seeing all our friends at Saints. Will be up on Monday. Praying for Todd.


Hi everyone at Saints.
I am so glad I was able to come yesterday..I am in awe..what a set up, what a clean bright place you have and are providing for all the animals..If I was to be given up..I would want to live where you are..Thank you for giving us the welcome to come and see Saints. Jenn and the other volunteers were so awesome..
I hope Todd will make it, what a tragedy..the poor little guy..Anyway, have another succesful day today.
The memorial garden gave me such a different feeling, a feeling of peace when I walked in there, it was like, their spirits are still hanging is beautiful.


lol jenn..i tell everyone "my kids love me"...(you are just all really glad none of you have to live with me anymore!) and i really love you too.

my heart stops every time i hear that deb...i can just hear all of the phone calls of unwanted animals that good people hear about and helpfully pass on this "great" rescue phone number to.
that is the trouble with looking so spiffy and good..we become a a wonderful solution to some poor animal on the edge out there..
maybe next year..i will take a week off to grub up the place instead!

and YAY YAY YAY to all of SAINTS dedicated caregivers...we looks so good because they all love the animals so well.

and thank you lynne for taking copper for a sleep over last night and mj for giving reggie a home...amazing how much less of everything with two dogs out last night and the rest totally exhausted.


Tell us how you really feel about your Mom, Jenn :)

Today's portion of the open house really was awesome! the Saints all looked great (except poor Todd, who is so cute and so sick). You'll probably get far more visitors tomorrow, especially if the weather is like it was today. Everyone I heard talking today remarked on the beautiful facilities, the cleanliness, the level of care the Saints receive, the dedication to the throwaways and the lost. A LOT of people were saying "if I ever have to give up my animals, I'd want them to come here..." I heard you say "DON'T" to one woman, Carol, and nearly busted a gut laughing at the cruel irony. Some people just don't get it. everyone responsible for the very successful day one of the open house hear hear, congratulations on a job VERY well done.

Oh and Larry, Curly, Moe, Joy, Todd and Emily are exquisite creatures. I couldn't have left them to their awful fates either.


MOM you are amazing and I love you. The feedback was positive for sure ... how happy and "quiet" all of the animals all, how clean and orderly everything is, but the biggest compliment was what an amazing and caring person you are ... YOU who work full-time as a nurse caring for people and then YOU who donate all of your heart, soul, mind (and time and money) AND HOME!!!!!! to those who have no one else ... you are the super star, the GOD, the SAINT! and YOU are my MOMMY ... and I love you, I love you, I love you.

See you bright and early tommorrow for another exhausting, yet exciting day!