Rescue Journal

i had to laugh at the reoccuring question asked of all of our volunteers on all of their tours...

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2009

is saints always this clean?


every area gets cleaned every day...every barn and stall. every bed gets changed every day and every floor gets bleached...365 day a year, year after year after year.

but...the deep cleaning? the windows? the walls? the weeding? the de-junking?...that only happens when i am on vacation 4 times a year or if we happen to have an open house or a film crew coming thru....then all of the extra spiffy stuff gets done ...the rest of the time, it is just good ole basics around here.

AND every single morning, whether i am on vacation or not...this place is a freaking mess cuz a hundred and some odd animals can make a huge freaking mess every single night....365 nights a year...year after year after year.

the humans around here are not angels...we are not the saints...we are just freaking soft hearted drudges with a bunch of cleaning supplies that we have learned how to use pretty well.



Carol, I have 4.5 boxes of Teal green dog Revolution and 2 boxes of Cat revolution. Can you use them? Let me know and I'll package them up and mail them off to you. Rae