Rescue Journal

sorry i am posting so late...not dead..just busy.

Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2009

the calves were started on IV's this morning. steve had to quickly construct a mini calf ICU in their stall that confined them to a very small space so they couldn't pull the IV's out of their veins. the vet sutured the lines in place but emily still managed to pull hers after the first 5000ml bag went thru. todd is on his second 5000ml bag..i will have to check it hourly thru the night..that sucks. not sure if the vet will reinsert em's IV tomorrow, i guess it depends on how she is.

i just checked them a couple of minutes ago and found al out in the riding ring alone in the dark...on the way back to the house, i explained to him that if he kept climbing the fence, he was occasionally going to find no one on the other side and then he would be was that fun?

webster just had an altercation with the cat litter bin..he jumped up on top of the swing lid and the freaking thing grabbed and bit him...he started yowling like his leg was caught in a trap...fer chrissakes webster...the lid is plastic and smooth.

morgan (the feral who came in a couple of days ago) went to the vets and had her spay, tattoo, testing and vaccines. she is not a happy camper. i REALLY did not want to get into ferals again...too much responsibility to try to care for a cat you can't get near. anyway...she was moved into a cage in the house...once she settles a bit, i will let her out and i bet that is the very last time i ever get close to her.

we had some nice visitors tonight who helped me with removing emily's neck sutures from the IV tube and spent some time trying to get the calves to drink their bottles...em drank half...todd, hardly anything. laura came and helped me with getting their pills into them (that went good) and doing up spritely's leg. these babes are killing purely innocent, so vulnerable, so sweet. hope may float til it sinks...but hope is a scary thing when it starts floating away.

i had a nice late lunch with tammy and my daughter jenn and the vet says gilbert does see somethings, maybe not everything...but better than that was the good from today.

but unhappy morgan and those struggling calves are just the saddest things for me.

another typical rescue day.



i might come out tomorrow, i switched my shift but am also feeling like crap.