Animal Updates

since carol didn't post...

Nicole  ·  Jul. 1, 2009

here are some pictures from today, calf heavy - please keep them both in your thoughts as they are still not doing super great.

the beautiful, Emily


Todd is not doing aswell as Emily and wasn't very cooperative in taking his electrolytes at lunch.




gilbert - the unblind

the pond

ellie lounging by the pond.



What a lovely picture of Ellie. A rare moment not experienced by most farm pigs. I think that's what makes the picture so special; the very fact that one little piggy is living in bliss.

Carolyn Potoczek

Thank you for sharing these lovely pics of your sweethearts! And such beautiful pics of Todd - they truly capture his innocence and love. Forever in our hearts! Rest in peace sweet soul...


Ellie is a very happy girl. She is Queen of the Farm. I am glad to see her in the shade and out of that ouchie sun! Great pics Nic ... can't wait for the next installment (hint, hint, wink, wink).


i like the picture of our beach many meat pigs get to grow up and lounge around under a shady tree at the beach?
ellie is a happy girl.


Thanks Nicole....I just love our babies. Also another tough day at Saints for princess Ellie. Lynne that's so awesome for Niko, he is such a good boy. I will miss our walks but I'm thrilled he found a home to love him.


what great pics. hope they are going to be okay. i visited niko last night. he seems to be doing really well and happy. he came right to me with a big waggy tail.