Rescue Journal

i said i wasn't going to post for a bit cuz i didn't want to bury what meghann wrote...

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2009

but...quick update on the calves as the vet was just out. she thinks emily is going to make it. we are starting to alternate formula feeds and are to give the both 60cc of kaopectate three times a day plus injectible vitamins daily for the next three days. todd? she is not so sure about, we should know in the next few days but she also said he could easily pass away and we may just find him the next morning.

she thinks emily did get her first drink of colostrum and this is why she is bouncing back but todd probably didn't because farmers don't bother with colostrum on little bull calves.

come on todd fight the really hard fight for life and we'll help you in every way that we can so you can win.

sweet, sweet babies.

also we looked at 10 acres in port coquitlam that has been offered to us to use to manage our growing farm sanctuary program. it was utterly and completely beautiful and we are hoping that maybe by next spring our little herd of four special cow friends can enjoy the peace and beauty (and ton of grazing) there.



Poor wee calf! This is such a huge hurtle for you to jump, but if you can find the strength to stay and fight, you will be rewarded with a wonderful life. Whatever happens, Todd, there are people who love you.
Rest easily sweet, sweet boy.


no not moving all of saints lynne

heads up to everyone...todd is very poor tonight.


i hope you are not moving saints there and selling this place. if it is just for the cows how do you manage them there. maybe mo.