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i dressed up a baby cow

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2009

so...i paid off $8000 in vet bills today...$10,000 more to go (not sure where that is going to come from...but hope floats...til it sinks) and that is if we don't have any sick or dying animals in the next few is no wonder i am getting (or the lack of) makes you feel sick.
i did however, despite the cost, arrange with the farm vets to automatically come and check on gideon every couple of weeks. he is eating well and still enjoying himself and i started him on a high calorie supplement but...he looks like a very thin and frail old man and at some point, some well meaning person is going to see him out in the field and report a starving horse at saints so we need the medical documentation that he has cancer, is 34 years old but still managing ok in terms of comfort and eating and is being medically monitered frequently to protect both him and ourselves. it is a good precautionary measure, plus just in case we do miss when he is sliding past comfort and quality of life, (which i highly doubt) the vets will provide a second pair of more objective eyes.

little emily was shivering today so i went digging around in the shop and found moses' old fleece jacket. it fits her perfectly and she looks so very sweet in a pink and flowery is the first time i have ever dressed up a baby cow and she is soooo freaking cute! too bad no one is here to take her picture.

angelina and i got thru today with helga's and tammy's back still feels like crap so i will be glad when i have all of the evening chores done. i am hoping there is enough water for a really long and very hot soak in the tub.

2 unscheduled tours today but the work is done and the vets are paid as much as we can pay today. the hydro and heating bills are paid too so at least we are good now for a little while. and marshmellow did get to the vet for his check up and next eye surgery tomorrow (i already added that cost in to what we owe so i don't forget and think we owe less.)

i have a hot tea and baileys which i am about to enjoy...all in all not a bad day, but a cooler wet one, which i like but the animals don't and i am NOT turning on the fireplaces despite what the little chi's think.

timmy has gone out on a 2 week trial as a foster contract til the end of the year. that gives us enough time to know if his pancreatitis was an isolated incident or likely to become a chronic problem. if all is well, we will switch him to fully adopted to start out the brand new year.

good luck happy, be good!



Yay Timmy!! He is such a good boy, so full of life. It's awesome that he now gets to share that with his own family. Will miss that cute face....send pictures if you can Dawn.


laura sent me some so i will put them up on the blog when i get home from work.


do you have a simple camera you cAN work i can get you one so you can take pics of the animals


you should have seen percy's face when he saw his baby dressed up in a flowery pink coat..."the hell are ya doin to that poor babe now????"

Chris T

The poor chis! Take pity on them. I thought about lighting the fireplace for our crew but thought I might get yelled at if I did it.


Glad to hear Timmy seems to be settling in. He's a great dog. I'm going to miss having the kid running around and getting into things. His new family is certainly lucky to have him in their lives.


I checked in on Timmy already (couldn't help myself) He has already been for a walk and is currently having a bath!!! Way to go Timmy, come on over anytime you need a cookie!