Rescue Journal

the best laid plans of mice and men...

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2009

renee is still sick so no day off for yours truly in this particular set of holidays..oh well, that's rescue for ya...the buck always stops somewhere and since this is my stops squarely with me...maybe in sept. i can grab a couple of days.

i really want to remind everyone that my son's wedding is coming up i really do need some extra help to meet my family obligations.

i am working a day shift on thursday july 16th...the staff will be here but i have the wedding rehearsal in the evening so need help with the bedtime routine.

saturday july 18..i am hosting the rehearsal dinner at my ex's house (ok it is a couple of days late but i am working the day of the rehearsal) so i need time to shop and actually cook for the guests and host the party (yes i can really cook..i just try not to) and will need help both in the day and the evening.

sunday the 19th is my son's wedding day and i will be busy and need help from morning til late at i need to find alot of help for that particular day.

i am thinking i need to hire some casual staff to get us thru that week and weekend because i cannot expect the volunteers to take over my entire saints life for me. and it would be handy to have some extra staff for sick calls on days like today.

my family may have trouble not getting mad at me if my saints work screws up my mommy of the groom thing.

soooo..if you know someone really good who knows how to work really hard and is reliable and responsible and loves animals and can work around a ton of them..tell them to give me a call at 604-339-5144 asap. and any volunteers able to be me for a few days, please let me know cuz you WILL be in charge of the sainted ones while i am busy being a mother again for a change.


MJ Colquhoun

Carol Just let me know what time and dates you need me and I will be there to help in any way possible.


i will be there on thr 18 and 19 in the morning so will take charge of the house.i can also come back around dinnertime and check in and help laura if she need me to. i am sure between all of your faithful followers we will see that you have a wonderful weekend. i will evaen take copper for the weekend so one less noisy critter to worry about.


Remember Carol you already thought in advance and booked me awhile back to do the bedtime and late evening on the 19th. I can also do the evening routine on the 16th and 18th.


I can help on Sunday the 19th all day if you need me, please just let me know.

Francesca Wilson

Carole, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow.
Take care