Rescue Journal

i am feeling somewhat better...

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2009

i fixed my back pain, it was making me kind of bitchy. i went on my lunch break to the pharmacy and i bought some of those hot/cold patches and stuck one on and poof...a couple of hours later, i can bend and twist and move without looking like some kind of crippled and moaning freak. it still feels sore deep in the muscle but the sharpness has gotten much better.

consequently, my mood is better today...yay!

it also helped to get the email this morning that said the last little bit of the inheritence from mugsy and cleo's dad al, is on its way...revenue canada has finished its thing and thanks to al...we can now clear all of the rest of the current vet bills. i think al was watching me start my financial mental meltdown and said holy smoke, hurry it up before cleo's new mom has a heart attack and leaves her an orphan again....dumping 8 thousand on the vet bills didn't give me all that much mental relief when i had no idea where the remaining 10 grand was coming from.

we do apparently have, horse shoes up you know where....hope floats til it sinks...hope is still floating around here...yay again!

note to all saints...stop getting sick and getting older and needing frequent vet care cuz i think that is the very last horse shoe with our name on it so lets not rack up that big of bills again.

speaking of vets...sigh.

marshmellow is home from his second eye surgery...they had some problems, like the scar tissue was too deep, perforation of the cornea during surgery and needing to suture it and re-inflate the eye. is done, he is home. we will see how well he sees in 3 weeks when we unsuture the eye lid again. he ragged on me ALL the way home...30 minutes of a pissed off marshmellow yelling and banging his sutured eye against the crate door made for a very stressful ride home.

we have been slowly reducing lucky's venactyl P since she had that weird looking nose reaction. well i reduced it to the point that the blisters are coming back which means.. this was not a simple allergic reaction, it is something worse like lupus or pemphigus. and i think it is pemphigus so i want to shoot both lucky and me. anyway...we will try one more med regime and if that doesn't work...she goes off all meds for 2 weeks til her nose is a freaking bloody mess again and THEN we can deep biopsy to see if i am right.

NEVER name any poor animal "lucky" it is just mean and asking for trouble after trouble for them...looks like our lucky is now homeless, blind and has a really rotten autoimmune disease.

anyway..i am changing her name (A..because she is NOT lucky by any stretch of the imagination and B i keep calling her dusty anyway...not my fault, two blind blonde and brainless dogs living in the mp room and they are named lucky and dusty...close but no cigar)

so from now on her name is "Ducky" (which is close enough to both their names that they will rightly assume i am talking to one of them) and hopefully will stop tempting fate cuz someone gave her a really unlucky, asking for trouble, name.

plus...if you look at her close...she sort of looks like a duck anyway.

shorty the basset's owners showed up tonight looking for their dog...i said he is not here and they said someone called and said he was...really? so i looked in the shop and there was their short legged little wandering and still unneutered dog with the over active nose safely in the shop pen.

note to everyone..if there is a stray dog in the shop, please let me know.

emily is good tonight, but it looks to me like her diarrhea may be getting more active again. this is worrisome.

of the three stooges...curly is an utter jerk. he stands in the feed bowl and rams all his brothers and then they get nothing to eat. he also growls with his mouth full which besides being quite unattractive, is not very nice behavior for a little slaughter house goat..i told him to smarten up or i would send him back from where he came (i won't really, but it is a good threat if he can understand english)

as far as i know that is all of the least i hope it is.



pemphigus follicus is a really nasty auto immune disease characterized by deep, raw and often blood filled vesticals covering various parts of the body...usually nose, eyes, between the toes, ears and in the vulva and other mucous membranes..imagine an ongoing outbreak of chicken pox in very sensitive areas...itchy, painful,long term.
the treatment is very high doses of steriods which causes a whole lousy list of other problems like, food aggression, mental instablity and possible diabetes or cushings disease.
i have had pemphigus animals before and it truly sucks til if and when you can get them under control. sometimes you can't.
lupus would be a better disease for her to have so lets all hope for lupus.


can you explain the thing that lucky may have i am not sure what you are talking about.


our al is still here...maggie must have gotten to wait til the time is right anyway or it will be too stressful for him.

the groupies are all very sweet but not very bright...dogs are supposed to break out, not in to shelters!


Yah, thanks Al :-) Speaking of Al, how is our Al doing on his trial with Maggie? Also it seems like you are getting a few groupies Zeus, Wolfie and now Shorty. I think they all know where they would rather call home!