Rescue Journal

the wedding countdown

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2009

today is a big clean on the house, getting a plumber out to see what the hell is wrong with the water pressure (we cannot function on a trickle around here) and shopping for the dinner i am hosting tomorrow for around 40 people..(how hard can it be?..i work full time and manage saints too..i should be able to pull off a decent very large family and friend pre-wedding barbacue)

i was trying to catch up on the emails..but it is looking like i buried some all the way back into june...that freaking open house started the whole of me getting behind again and this month hasn't helped much either.

sigh, there are probably a few folks out there who think i am an ignorant email non responder..not ignorant, just over whelmed and lost in a time warp.

i have been taking a few minutes each evening to make friends with morgan (the feral acting bengal) we have progressed to her sniffing my fingers and allowing me to set a treat down in front of her...i still cannot decide if she is full, semi or not is slow going working with her. i need to speed this up a bit cuz she cannot stay in a cage for much longer...she is more than bored out of her tree. i will try harder next week.

i forgot to welcome the new rabbit after his neuter. we changed his name from pookie (sorry i just could not keep that name) to stuart. tammy has been bugging me for a bunny named stew...this is as close as she is ever going to saints welcomes a very nice senior rabbit...welcome saint stuart.

ok...i gotta alotta work here to do.



what about angel for elaine. she would love the attention and elaine would be good for her.


Carol, you are one funny lady! Thanks for sharing. I agree with your daughter about normal, you raised one smart daughter! And thanks for naming your new rabbit Stuart, same as my elderly boy Stuart. Love to Saint Stuart and all your sweetheart Saints. Enjoy the wedding, you're an amazing person! : )