Rescue Journal

not exactly a do nothing day

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2009

but not a work yer ass off day either.

i did one tour with some nice ladies from C4P, a toronto based animal advocasy group.

i took jess and daffy into the vet..jess had blood work and is ok'd for surgery to remove that very large chest mass and daphne's seizures are as i expected, cardiac induced. she is booked for an xray and EKG next week...her heart rate is way too slow....short of a pacemaker, not much more to do.

i have issues with can't turn them off when someone is actively dying...i think they prolong the process itself.

we got a new house computer box thing..nicole has me back on line inside again, yay!

nicole and i went property searching for the new saints capable of housing not only our seniors and special needs program but a farm sanctuary as well. we looked at a place across the road from the old saints site, so i took nicole up to show her from whence we looks so small now and the forest is re-claiming the land was good tho to wander back down memory lane (thx faith for letting us wander!)

anyway back to the search...we found it, not across the road but somewhere else...i walked onto the perfect place to go forward with. it is 19. something acres here in mission and as soon as i started walking said welcome home...again.

so...we need $600,000....would whoever god put in charge of the good things for saints try to get on with that please.



Place I have in mind for mine, I ONLY need another 100 Gs and it 40 acres, NOOOO neighbours and off grid with solar and backup. GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO! Come onnn lotto!!!:j


it is only money...bits of painted paper that can change the fate of some.
i think that is a better investment than alot of other things humans spend their painted paper on.
who knows?...all it takes is many with a little or a few with alot.
hope floats.