Rescue Journal

so what is happen'in with the saints lately?

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2009

well..maudie is getting old in her head...her body don't know it's like a hundred years old but her head is starting to git the idea. i swear she would be trucking on down the street in her skivies and her purple hat if she was human, smilin and wavin to all the neighbors.

nothin wrong with cole's ole head but his body is startin to give out on him..his gibbled back end is gettin gibblered all the more, that dog's back legs don't do whats he wants all the time.

who can even imagine the saints world without cole and maudie?

lil banjo has kennel cough...jest about right for timing since she came out of a busy shelter. she'll be ok, she's on meds now...she might be ancient as the hills but that lil gal has a right load of spunk.

saints would like to extend a great big friendly like welcome to our new old saints guy... watson...we met em before...he come from the pound after that big last storm. his legs hurt too and his ears ain't so good but he's on meds now and he's an ok kind of feller.

i was jest watchin rio grande with john wayne and the crippled crew. he's got a particular way of talkin, an walkin and apparently it is catchin too.



I like how your posts aligned with the right margin for a while. Looked like free form poetry.


Why, Miz Carol, fer a minute there, I thought your cheese was slidin' off yer cracker.


It's either a "farming/john wayne thang" or you country folk are getting into moonshine!


I too caught the jest of a little redneck there :) It's a farming thang ya know lol!

Chris T

Clearly it is 'catchin' because that is the strangest post (language-wise) I have ever read by you.