Rescue Journal

speaking of old farts

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2009

i just want to remind everyone that the easiest way to prevent a to prevent a fall.

gideon is the equivilent of a very frail and unsteady 95 yr old man with cancer..minus the walker or cane.

keep the ground clear...don't leave coffee cups, iodine, fly spray or water bottles laying around on the ground under his feet.... if he is in a hurry (like at bedtime) he can't see them.

pick up twine, leashes, balls, sticks, branches and rocks and move them away from where he might pass by. don't leave rubber bowls laying around or hoses laying out across the gravel.

look around for things that might trip him up and get rid of them right away.

keep the wheelbarrows over in the corner by the shavings shed so if they fall over they won't be in his path.

think about keeping gideon safe and up on his feet cuz he is so frail now that if he trips and falls...that may well be the end of his time with us here.

what he needs for safety is really not much different than a very elderly and frail old man living in a barn and field...lots of keen and loving eyes, watching over him.

(love you shining knight in white armour...please stay well planted on your feet)



I can't imagine SAINTS without Gideon... I just can't . I have sat here & thought about him for the last 20 min & remembered so many funny & entertaining times and a couple of the scary moments we shared... He is the true White Knight & i feel so lucky to have to gotten to know him...